Collection of recyclable materials - metals

Collection of food and drinks cans by local authorities is well established.

However, there are some more challenging metal items - foil and aerosols - for which WRAP has produced a guidance document, Are you collecting foil and aerosols with your mixed cans?

The drinks can recycling programme Every Can Counts is looking to develop projects with authorities who are running recycling collections from commercial and/or public sector premises.  Projects would focus on developing and promoting can collections, to maximise the value of the metal collected.  Alupro would be delighted to hear from any local authority interested in finding out more.

There are other tools and reports to help with the decision making process:

  • Kerbside recycling performance benchmark tool
  • Kerbside recycling: indicative costs and performance

Recycle Now support the collection of metals, both on the consumer site and by providing local authorities with communication resources via Recycle Now Partners.